Step It Up Walking Challenge

The LifeBalance Step It Up Program is a supplemental program designed to provide employers with a turnkey, company-wide walking program.

Step It Up features user-friendly step tracking tools, general reporting functions, client customization, a built-in group communication system, team competition functionality, promotional tools, best practices guidelines, educational walking content and much more.

Step It Up Features and Components:

  • Step It Up Webpage and Dashboard
    Step It Up clients receive a custom webpage on the LifeBalance website dedicated specifically to their Step It Up Challenge. Links to this page are highlighted on the LifeBalance homepage and distributed to participants in challenge promotions. The page is only accessible to clients, client employees and participating family members. 

    After employee registration, each individual has access to a personalized Step It Up Dashboard that provides complete access to all of the tools and educational content available during Step It Up.

  • Individual and Team Functionality
    When signing up on the welcome page, participants may either choose to participate as an individual, choose to join a team or create a new team and act as the team captain. Clients can define terms for creating/joining teams and allow employees to select their team from a live list of established teams. Clients can also determine maximums on team size and number of members per team.
  • Goal Setting & Step Tacking
    After a participant has registered for the competition and/or joined a team, he or she begins by entering their daily step goal in the Step Goal portion of the Dashboard. Tips for goal setting are provided to offer guidance for employees.  Employees then utilize the Walking Tracker & Journal featured in the Dashboard to begin tracking steps on a daily basis. Participants can log in to the website and visit the Step It Up page at any time to record activity for any day of the challenge.
  • Individual Reporting & Continued Motivation
    In the Dashboard, employees can view their real-time individual and team progress throughout the challenge and view motivational tips. The Progress tab is designed to help participants stay motivated and to offer solutions for those who may have trouble reaching their step goals.
  • Water Cooler
    The Water Cooler is a central message board in the Step It Up Dashboard that is immediately visible to all participants upon visiting the Step It Up Walking Challenge page. Challenge administrators can post updates, prize announcements, answers to participant questions, motivational tips and any other messages in the Water Cooler for all participants to see. Participants can submit questions, feedback, information on group walks or hikes, walking tips and routes, encouragement and other messages to be posted in the Water Cooler. Participant submissions are reviewed by LifeBalance representatives and/or program administrators before they are posted to ensure that posts are relevant and appropriate.
  • Walking Resources
    The Resources section of the Dashboard provides members with access to LifeBalance educational resources that are designed to educate participants on walking safety and technique, proper shoe fit, the benefits of walking and more.  A complete list of walking-related vendors that are offering discounts through the LifeBalance Vendor Network is also available in this area.
  • Prizes (optional)
    This portion of the Dashboard gives detailed information about challenge prizes. It is also updated throughout the competition to display prize winners. LifeBalance can also customize prize notification so that individual prize winners are notified of their prize after logging in. Messages detailing award information are posted for winners to see in the Prizes tab, on the homepage of the LifeBalance website, and at the top of the Step It Up page.

Step It Up Client Services & Challenge Reporting

  • Program Administrators – Each client may select one or more individuals who are granted administrative access to the Step It Up webpage. Administrators may view participant data, post messages in the Water Cooler, access challenge utilization reports and view lists of participant emails for communication purposes.
  • Client Tutorials – During Step It Up client tutorials, a LifeBalance representative walks program administrators through each component of Step It Up and the various functions that administrators can perform
  • Utilization Reports – Utilization Reports are available for each Step It Up Client. These reports are customizable and provide clients with real time, aggregate data throughout the challenge.
  • Challenge Promotion – LifeBalance works with all clients before and during Step It Up to promote the challenge and engage the employee population.Customized, client-branded emails are sent to employees before the challenge begins to encourage participation. Client-branded promotional posters specifically designed to promote Step It Upare also provided.

    For the duration of the Step It Up challenge, LifeBalance provides a custom message to employees each time they login to  This message encourages employees visiting other areas of the LifeBalance Program website to visit the Step It Up page to register or to log activity. Additionally, weekly email templates are provided to clients for consistent, branded communication that encourages continued member participation throughout the challenge.

LifeBalance Step It Up Extras – The options listed below are available at an additional cost.

  • Step It Up Kick Off  Fairs
    Challenge Kick Off fairs can be held at client facilities as a means of promoting the challenge. LifeBalance representatives attend the events to encourage challenge participation, answer questions, assist with participant registration, and distribute registration instructions and any other challenge materials
  • Incentives/Prizes/Awards
    LifeBalance offers customizable incentive and reward programs for any wellness challenge
  • Additional Promotional Materials
    LifeBalance happily works with clients to create additional flyers, posters, postcards or any other promotional materials that can be used to encourage challenge participation
  • Health and Wellness Speakers
    LifeBalance schedules qualified health and wellness experts to visit client facilities and address wellness-related topics
  • Gait Analysis
    LifeBalance running and walking experts come on site to provide in-depth gait analysis for participants to help them assess their running or walking form, make modifications to prevent pain/injury and provide suggestions for proper footwear
  • Shoe Fitting
    LifeBalance running and walking shoe experts come on-site and provide gait analysis and customized shoe fitting for participants, bringing with them various shoe options that can be purchased at a discounted rate

Download the White Page: Step It Up Wallking Challenge (PDF)

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